ZION BOŠKA FESTIVAL 2023 – 29.06.- 02.07

This year in Sutivanac / Croatia coming another world class soundsystem festival.
Same time as last year, on the beginning of summer, in our favourite little forest we dance again with some big names from the world of dub in a three dub soundsystem arena.

Recreating the magic of last year and enjoying in a unique ambient of Zion Boška in the heart of Istra. Four days of pure fun await us with good vibrations, amazing music and unforgettable people.

More new names are coming soon. Also announcements of various programs such as workshops and performances, etc.


In the first wave of artists we are extremely happy as directly from South Africa comes ! KEBRA ETHIOPIA ! specifically for the Zion Boška Festival and for the first time in Croatia we’ll have a chance to hear and dance to the African dub soundsystem vibe.

Right after comes ! ISHIBAN ! as the artist chosen by the audience as it will be his first time performing in Croatia to show us the French school of dub with his own production, and wicked style.

The other artists from the first announcement are also quite important, such as DUBBING SUN, HARIS PILTON, SANDOKAN HIFI, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, HIGH GRADE COMANDA, BOOMBAR DUB and the first announced soundsystem, the host, VIBRATION ADDICT SOUNDSYSTEM

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